2017/2018 Boys Team ONE Lacrosse Club

Elite Travel Teams
Sep 1, 2018

Team ONE is conscious of the cost of travel and the many variables associated with traveling full teams. Therefore, have  instituted a travel policy that will aim to make the travel process as streamlined and economical as possible.  The below pertains mainly to the high school players, but the same basic process would pertain to the youth if need be.

Goals of the Travel Policy:

The goal of instituting a travel policy for Team ONE is to ensure the below:

  1. All players and families are safe.
  2. Team ONE provides the most economical and convenient travel plan for its players and families.
  3. Every player has the opportunity to attend every tournament (independent of whether or not the parents/ rest of the family can attend).

Team ONE Travel Policy: 

Please read below for the main components of the travel policy.


Team ONE does not require all parents to attend each tournament. In order to provide a safe and enjoyable travel experience for each event, Team ONE requests help from volunteer parents to act as chaperones. Chaperones will be responsible for maximum 4 players – one being their own child (unless otherwise offered by the chaperone to take on more).

A chaperone is responsible for the below:


Flights: Chaperones will book their flights near or around the same time as the coach’s flight. All players are responsible for booking the same flights as their designated chaperones in order to make transportation as easy as possible. 

*If it is necessary for the use of another airline, players must arrive earlier than their designated chaperone and coordinate upon arrival.

Rental car: Chaperones are responsible for transporting players throughout the weekend tournament. 

*Families will split the cost of the rental car based on the total number of players in each vehicle.



Chaperones are responsible for booking OR coordinating the booking of a hotel room or rooms for the players that they have been paired with.  All chaperones should make sure each player is officially checked into their hotel room upon arrival.

**Families will simply split the cost of the room / # of players.


Chaperones are responsible for making sure players eat properly.  Players are responsible for paying for their own food.

Below is a step by step process of how we are going to coordinate travel for the majority of each event.  Please keep in mind, each tournament brings new variables and circumstances, and if an exception or slight change in policy is necessary, we will communicate that as early as possible.

Travel Process:

Step 1: Team managers poll the parents on the following:

  1. Is your son/daughter attending the [insert said season here] tournaments:
  • Yes or No (for each tournament is required) **Please indicate a YES if your son/daughter is able to attend, even though the parent(s) may not be able to do so.
  • Please indicate if your son/daughter will be traveling alone.
  1. Are you (the parents) willing to chaperone for the travel tournaments?
  • Yes or No (for each tournament is required)

Step 2: Team Managers will update Team ONE with the final numbers of players attending AND the total number of chaperones volunteering.

Step 3:  Team managers will coordinate with the chaperones and decide which players will be paired with each chaperone.  Chaperones will also be responsible for providing the team manager with their flight details.

Step 4: Team managers will send out hotel information and flights

  •  Chaperones’ flights will be released along with which chaperones are responsible for each player. Each player should book the same flight as their designated chaperone.

Step 5: Chaperones will book hotels and rental cars and divide the total cost by number of players.

  • Team ONE will have a room block secured at the team hotel.


Team ONE teams may attend tournaments which are hosted on a college campus where meals and lodging are covered as part of tournament registration. In these cases, there will be no need for chaperones to attend, the coaches and tournament/ team camp staff will be considered chaperones. Team ONE will release the coaches’ flight and coordinate a bus to and from the airport to the campus specifically for these types of events.

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