2019/2020 Team ONE Boys

Achieve Your Incredible!
Sep 16-Jul 31, 2020
Virtual Evals Open! Team ONE Lacrosse Club is the premier lacrosse organization in Illinois. We strive to provide an exceptional lacrosse experience for each team through our first in class on-field training and an unrivaled commitment to our families. We prepare our players for their highest level of play and help every player Achieve Your Incredible!


Team ONE is hosting Virtual Zoom Evaluations for players interested in playing lacrosse this Summer! 



  • Register for Virtual Evaluations online. They are FREE!
  • Team ONE Director calls & sets up your Virtual Zoom Evaluation
  • Complete the LIVE Zoom Evaluation
  • Get placed on a team and GO! 


Equipment Needed:

  • Zoom Account
  • Lacrosse Stick
  • Lacrosse Ball
  • Bounce Back or Wall
  • 3 Cones or Objects


All players will receive the Virtual Evaluation list of exercises beforehand to allow for practice and preparation! 


Team one has summer roster spots available for the below regions:

Register now for your Virtual Evaluation! Let's Gooooooo! 

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