2019/2020 Team ONE Girls Tryouts

Achieve Your Incredible!
Aug 24-Sep 8, 2019
Team ONE Lacrosse Club is the premier lacrosse organization in Illinois. We strive to provide an exceptional lacrosse experience for each travel team through our first in class on field training and an unrivaled commitment to our families. We prepare our players for their highest level of play and help every player Achieve Your Incredible!



QUestions? Contact jayne roth at jayne.roth@t1lax.com or (224) 534-7500.




Wildcat High School Players Receive: Individual Recruiting Coordinator & Sports Recruits Profile

Recruiting Coordinator - Jayne Roth is the Girls Recruiting Coordinator available to all players looking to advance to the collegiate level.  Jayne's knowledge of the recruiting process and vast college network is an invaluable resource to the Team ONE players and families.

Sports Recruits - All Team ONE Wildcat players will have access to a Sports Recruits profile as part of their program fees.  Sports Recruits is an online platform that allows players to create individual profiles and allows both Directors and players a more efficient way to communicate with college coaches.

 Sports Performance & Wellness

Wildcat Players Receive: Sports Performance Training Included in their Year Round Training Program.

Director of Sports Performance & Wellness - Taylor Hynes

In addition to on field programming, Coach Taylor Hynes is a resource for all Team ONE club members providing a high-level training education helping to build smarter, strong and safer athletes. Exclusively for Team ONE athletes, Coach Taylor's Return to Play program is an in-house rehabilitation program designed to help players prepare for an upcoming season and is available at no cost to all club athletes. 

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