2020/2021 Team ONE Boys - Central/North Shore Region

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Sep 14-Jul 31, 2021
Team ONE Regional Teams are competitive teams that practice locally and attend local and regional events throughout the Fall, Winter, & Summer seasons. Team ONE Central/North Shore Teams are based in North Shore Region of Illinois.

Winter Season Program Overview

Program Design is Based On the Most Current Information & Current IL Guidelines!

January 11th - February 28: Winter I - Indoor Club Season (7 Weeks)

  • Indoor Training is scheduled for Thursdays & Sundays! - Times TBD
  • Indoor Season will include on-field team training, individual @Home training sessions, & team virtual coaching sessions (when applicable)
  • Virtual seminars will be held by the club to include a variety of exciting topics
  • Indoor Facilities include:
    • Highland Park Fieldhouse (2205 Skokie Valley Rd, Highland Park)
    • Falcon Fields (3030 N. Lake Terrace, Glenview)

March 1st - March 14th: Winter II - Outdoor Club Season (2 Weeks)

  • Team training shifts to outdoors (weather permitting); Dates and times - TBD
  • Teams will compete in full-sided games during this time (internal club games or outside competition based on the current guidelines)


*All dates are subject to change

**Team ONE will utilize outdoor turf fields when weather permits

***Indoor events will be considered pending updates to the current IL guidelines

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