2020/2021 Team ONE Girls Wildcat

Interested? Contact kelly.kubach@t1lax.com.
Sep 14-Jul 31, 2021
Team ONE Wildcat Teams are designed for the most advanced players in Illinois. All Prospective Wildcat Players must register for their respective Regional Tryout in order to be evaluated for a Wildcat Team.

Winter Season Program Overview

Program Design is Based On the Most Current Information & Current IL Guidelines!

November 15th - December 18th: Club Evaluation & Rest Period

  • No club-wide team trainings
  • 1 on 1 Virtual Player Evaluations: 2026-2024 (Details & sign up will be released  11/23)
  • New! Virtual seminars will be offered by the club to include a variety of exciting topics
  • “Opt-In” extra programming will be offered in a controlled environment with limited capacity

December 19th - January 3th: Winter Break

January 4th - January 10th: Virtual Team Meetings

  • Meeting information will include upcoming Winter programming, updates on current safety protocols, and what to expect moving forward

January 11th - February 28: Winter I - Indoor Club Season (7 Weeks)

  • Indoor Training is scheduled for Tuesdays & Saturdays! - Times TBD
  • Indoor Season will include on-field team training, individual @Home training sessions, & team virtual coaching sessions (when applicable)
  • Virtual seminars will be held by the club to include a variety of exciting topics
  • Indoor Facilities include:
    • Highland Park Fieldhouse (2205 Skokie Valley Rd, Highland Park)
    • Falcon Fields (3030 N. Lake Terrace, Glenview)

March 1st - March 14th: Winter II - Outdoor Club Season (2 Weeks)

  • Team training shifts to outdoors (weather permitting)
  • Teams will compete in full-sided games during this time (internal club games or outside competition based on the current guidelines)

March 15th - April 4th: Spring Break

April 5th - April 18th: High School Training (2 Weeks)

  • High School players ( 2024, 2023, 2022/2021) will have the opportunity to train leading into high school tryout dates.


Save the Dates - Events in Consideration

January 16 - 17: Sandstorm Lacrosse Festival (Indio, CA): All Wildcat Teams (2026 - 2021)

March 13: Local Tournament Option (WI or IL): All Wildcat Teams (2026 - 2024)


*All dates are subject to change

**Team ONE will utilize outdoor turf fields when weather permits

***Indoor events will be considered pending updates to the current IL guidelines

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